Can't play video files on IOS application


Noticed today very annoying behavior.

I got problems (have a look below) within production environment and was able to reproduce that issue on my test server with same client devices.

Test server 1
Ubuntu 18.04.4 + all updates
NC Snap 17.0.5
local DNS name only within this local network for server & clients
self-signed certificate
admin user only (which I tried to use for testing)
(if important) server URL:

Production server 1
Ubuntu 18.04.4 + all updates
NC 18.0.3
public DNS name
public certificate

IOS app (latest available in AppStore)
ipad air ios 12.4.6
iphone 8 ios 13.4

problem (major):
video files. You can’t play them in IOS app
there is by default video file “Nextcloud intro.mp4”
You need to download it (make it available offline) and only with this workaround you may play video files. Otherwise, endless loading indicator (intro video quite small, so it should be loaded instantly, but no…). Only workaround allows playing videos.
For my production case where videos are hundred megabytes or several gigabytes it simply makes application unusable as there is no storage to download every video. One of scenarios is home schooling and school videos. Second one is related to language courses where files are bigger as I said before.

Other files (non video files) accessible without any issue

another problem discovered (minor and applicable only for ipad):
I couldn’t simply login to the server (when adding account on IOS app).
I had to use old way to login. Otherwise, app wasn’t showing any error just wasn’t allowing me to log in (coming back everytime to login screen). Workaround, as I said - simply use old auth method where you type URL, login and password

How this problems (at least, first one) may be fixed?

Thank you in advance for your help!

same issue here

issue opened

Feel free to add additional details if necessary.

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it works with testflight version. Hope, developers will release new IOS app soon.
Details are there