Can't move files

I’m running 16.0.5 on a Raspberry Pi. Can’t say if this is brand new version or not, haven’t checked my Nextcloud version in a while.

I just tried to move a file from one folder to another, but the move dialog only shows me the folder that file is already in. I tried another folder and found the same limitation.

Anybody know how to fix this?

OK, the functionality is there, but the new folder selection window is confusing.


It looks like you have just Audiobooks, where I am already, or the plus sign circle which prompts you to create a new folder. If you click on the carot, greater-than symbol, whatever you call it right next to the circle though, you get to move up a directory.

Not broken, but somebody ought to work on that little bit. The main window has a “Home” icon where the plus is and puts the plus to the far right.