Can't manage to get Password policy App to work


I’m testing password_policy App from Nextcloud and can’t manager to get it to work. After install, I put some rules on admin page, then log as basic user, go to personal settings and change my password with any new string I want. No policy enforcing rises :confused:
Any tips ?

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How did you install the app? Are you sure you are running 9.0.52?

(downloading the app and adding it to the app folder manually won’t do the trick)

Hi @LukasReschke,

I’m testing the app on

Is there any step to configure the app ? I’m using database backend, so I thought that user passwords would be checked against policy.

Ok, seems I found some differences between owncloud and nextcloud…

owncloud database backend setPassword function just sets the password in db.
nextcloud database backend setPassword function uses eventDispatcher to emit a “password validate” event before setting it in db. Event which allow any app to react and throw execption if needed…

So the password_policy app won’t work on owncloud :sob:

Or maybe I missed something / don’t understand correctly. Please confirm !

Well I guess you have to migrate to Nextcloud to be able to use it, or you copy the event dispatcher stuff back, but that will make updating a pain, so switching is probably easier?

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@nickvergessen, migration is not an easy choice for an enterprise installation (10k users, 10TB of datas). I’m personnaly found of the work you did and do now, but I think my client will wait a little before switching to nextCloud. If we switch.