Cant login to nextcloud client ubuntu 20.04

i dont know how to login to the nextcloud app on ubuntu

i dont remember the url. or is it out of service for me or something becuase i didnt pay cloudamo or something?

when i type it in its saying 404 not found

so its working now! but guess what? i keep getting the password wrong and when i click forgot password to change it i dont get the email

not gonna lie this is frustrating right now its been 4 hours NO REPLY. How am i susppose to wanna even use this if something this simple can get help with. Then when you do get it to work most ofd the time it doesnt even sync everything im honestly thinking i should move on from nextcloud im sorry but this sucks BAD. i know there will be some haters but i wont respond cuz im honestly upset right now

Hi @Deven_Patterson, which installation of nextcloud do you use? (manual installation? docker ? hosted server ? …)

if you have abandoned your nextcloud server and move on, which I understand. Can you mark this topic as resolved?

I help others in my spare time like other people on this forum. unfortunately, there are other people with problems that require a lot of time for some. we can’t answer everyone regularly.