Cant login on fresh NC installation (Ubuntu)

I am following this tutorial step by step:

Everything goes smoothly until I have to login. Setting everything as described and I eventually reach first nextcloud page, where I need to type my mysql username, database and I type as well my initial nextclout username and password. All good - waiting about 10 min to initialize everything and then it promts me to login in nextcloud and this is where I am stucked. The username I just entered and the password just don’t work and I can not log in. What shoul I do? Tried twice the installation and the result is the same.

The only difference between my instance and the tutorial is that I am installing the latest NC (24) while in the tutorial V21 is being installed. Might this be the cause?

Thank you in advance!

I cannot confirm that behavior, but you can always use the > ./occ user:resetpassword ... command on the console to reset/set a password of a user.

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Solved with loging in through incognito browser.
Don’t know the reason but it worked.