Cant log into nextcloud for some reason

i have a question i have nextcloud logged in from my iphone is there a way to see password or change it thru the phone

tried my third email footbanana and same thing saying wrong password.username whats the deal not worth the trouble seems like. can devnull come back

can you come back to the discussion please

Right, i have installed nextcloud on my servers and you are not able to login. There is a simple reason: You have no account. Nextcloud is a kind of software that everybody in this world can install. You too. But you need a server and so on. Or you pay others to host your cloud and pay money for this. But in this case ask the people you pay to solve your problems.

its either something really saimple im doing wrong or something wrong with nextcloud to be honest this is a headfache

i guess thats all i can do at this point

please hand me the link to make an account, ill try that

WOW. so i got it finally f’ing finally i search my email and foundf the order confirmation email it showed my username and password i just copy and pasted in login it worked im sorry for the trouble but that was too crazy how long i was trying to get this working. you may close this post