Cant log into nextcloud for some reason

so i just bought a service with cloudamo and i am trying to log into nextcloud thru ubuntu 20.04
but when i add in the url in nextcloud it directs me to the login page and i cannot log in for the life of me.
my email is the same as in the forums and password has always been the same what can i do to reset my password or log in because when i try to reset the password i dont get the email.
and occ is claiming there is no NextCloud on my pc. can someone simply walk me thru what to do to get into nextcloud please. and Thank you

Do you have a nextcloud account or an own nextcloud instance?
Can you post the url of the nextcloud e.g. for free nextcloud (3GB)

Or for the packages:

Post your domain (or PM to me) or the package type. i have the basic package. i have a nextcloud account

i still need help with this

Provides any support? If yes, did you contact them?

i sent a request to nextcloud. said it will take from 2-5 days to get back to me so i came here for to see if anyone else could help because i need to get back into nextcloud. like now

So you has a paid support contract with nextcloud GmbH? In this case this forum is the wrong adress. This is a forum based on voluntiers.

ok sorry and thank you

im sorry its kinda ridiculous that i cant get help with this im a private user and paid actual money for these services maybe not nextcloud but to use with nextcloud and i get no help. just doesnt seem fair

You write that you bought a service with cloudamo. Do you open a Ticket here?

no the service is working. logging into nextcloud through the firefox browser isnt. see?

So you get an error message?

no i get wrong password/username and i cant get a reset password email from them for some reason

So contact the admins of your cloud directy. Maybe they can reset your password.

i am the admin

only person that using the cloud

If you did not store any data in your cloud the best solution is to reinstall all (database, nextcloud and so on) and start an new installation. AND don’t forget your admin password!

but how do i switch cloudamo to a new email then? let me see

Again, contact cloudamo! This forum is not responsible for cloudamo!

smh. so its something with nextcloud because i tried to login with the other email and their saying wrong password for that as well