Can't load Dropbox account in external storage panel

I’m trying to add a dropbox account in the “external storage” panel but can’t get ‘fetch the tokens’ to grant acces to the account.

I’ve created an App in a dropbox account, have “0/500 users” linked, and correctly inserted the “App key” and “Secret Key” but I keep getting the message:

“Error configuring OAuth1:
Fetching request tokens failed. Verify that your app key and secret are correct.”

The keys are correct, I’ver checked and rechecked.
I don’t know what to do now.

There are no messages in the Nextcloud Log (not about External Storage at least, I do have a message about “DAV”).


Which nextcloud version are you using?

The version installed is 10.0.1

But now (just a couple of hours ago) I found the mistake, even though I can access the device over internet, the device can’t access internet. This happened after I configured a Static IP.

I’m using Xubuntu which uses a Network Manager.
I’ll just have to fix that.

So, it wasn’t a problem with Nextcloud, but with my configuration.

Thanks for reading and aswering.

Hi Friend,did you resolve the problem about connect dropbox account as external storage?. drop box and google drive does not work I follow the all instructions in admin documentation but still does not work. Do you know how can I make to work those app in nextcloud.?
Drop box error
Error configuring OAuth1

Fetching request tokens failed. Verify that your app key and secret are correct.
GoogleDrive Error
400. That’s an error.

Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

I would check a bit on the ownCloud resources, there seem to be some issues on this app:

I get the same issue. As nextcloud is installed with a docker container maybe i get a port problem.