Can't Install Nextcloud - pgsql CONNECT privilege

Hello all–

I’m trying to install the latest Nextcloud on Debian Stretch with postgresql and nginx. I installed all of the required dependencies, however I keep getting this error when trying to create the admin account:

Error while trying to create admin user: Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[08006] [7] FATAL: permission denied for database "nextcloud"
DETAIL: User does not have CONNECT privilege.

I have no problems logging into phpPgAdmin with this user. I also altered my pg_ha.conf by adding this line:

local all all trust

I also tried to execute this as the postgres user in the psql console


… all to no avail.

I have no idea what more I could try. I’d very much appreciate any sort of guidance.

I fought with issue like yours for two days strait. And I found cause in my case. I created database manually. But installer script doesn’t like that and fails to assign proper privileges for user is creates in database.
After I dropped database allowing installer to create it its way setup was completed successfully. I strongly feel that all nuances like this should be mentioned in manual.


@sergey_a You are totally right about manual! I spent a day for it! Thank you, man, for the answer!

Worked for me - thanks a lot!

IF fixed, please report this bug to github as it is devell related and close thread, thanks.