Can't install/enable any apps


I’m unable to install and enable new apps, my app screen looks like this:

I am using the Nextcloud 11 beta but have had the problem in version 10 too (I thought upgrading would perhaps solve it). Google didn’t turn up anything useful since there is no list of said “unfulfilled dependencies” :confused:

Nextcloud is running on a VPS, and I have checked the permissions of the root dir, which all seem to be correct (apache user has full access to nextcloud directories).

In case it is needed I have also pasted my config.php here:

Any ideas what could be the cause of this? Thanks in advance!

Do you have more information in your logfile which dependencies are not fulfilled?
Do you use the official Nextcloud VPS-image or did you build your own?

Hi! Sadly no, nothing helpful in the logs whatsoever. But somehow, the problem seems to have resolved itself. I haven’t been able to check the server status since yesterday evening and now the error messages are gone and I can install apps without any problems. I didn’t change a thing. It’s a complete mystery to me :smiley: