Can't install apps on my NextCloudPi

Hello everyone,

I have setup my NextCloudPi (18.0.3) on a RPi 3B+ and everything works perfectly thus far except for the fact that I cannot install new apps. I can see the pre-installed apps (active & disabled) in my interface but nothing shows up in the other sections where I would be expecting to be able to install new apps.

I’ve tried to ping “” and it can’t be reached. I get the following:

Additionally I’ve used Uptime to verify if it was available and there are issues.

My log files show the following:
Warning - appstoreFetcher - Could not connect to appstore: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 65536 out of 4701517 bytes received (see - 2020-04-18T16:06:12-0500

Strangely enough, I can use my main computer (on the same network as my NextCloudPi) and load the in my browser (it shows up pretty slowly though).

Any idea on what may be wrong, please?

Maybe the php memory is too low, you can up you php memory_limit to 512M or more. modify /etc/php.ini files and set memory_limit = 512M , and the restart php-fpm service, eg systemctl restart php-fpm.

Thanks @happygoes, unfortunately bumping it up to 512M didn’t make any difference - BTW: on Rpi, the version specific, “php7.3-fpm” is invoked (and 128M is the default).
I’m still doubtful about the system’s inability to ping “” since it can never be reached and invariably ends at “” when using traceroute…

Just to give everyone an update on my issue. It seems related to the fact that I’m using the NordVPN client on my router. I’ve updated to the latest NextCloudPi version 1.25.0 and NextCloud version
After disabling my VPN client, I was able to reach the Apps Store and install from it without issue. This means that I’ll have to disable my VPN when I want to install/upgrade apps.