Can't install app from my NextCloud Instance

Hi guys,
I’m completely new to nextcloud
I try to install File Access Control App But i cant find it under Admin Setting / Apps.
I’m using NextCloud 13.0 on my own server.

The Attached image show my App window and as i mentioned in image the box that shows categories of apps is empty.

Any idea ??? :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::smirk::smirk::smirk:

Any body can help me ??? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

What the hell is this forum ?
Why no body answer me ?

hey mamad,

i think there is a lesson to learn. like: this is a forum of ppl who like the same software (nextcloud) as you. they are not neccessarily employees of the company with the similar name nexctcloud, inc - in the contrary - the broad majority of users are here on a voluntary level. they are not paid for their time they spend here. so i guess

this is answered now.
plus: which means, solutions might take a bit of time. if you want faster help you are welcome to buy support from nextcloud, inc.

as for your problem… you apparenty can’t access your apps from this screen you posted above. instead you need to go to the setup -wheel (upper right corner) and the settings
then you need to scroll down (on the left side) to file access control and enter whatever you want to enter there.

this solves your question. as well as maybe one or two peeks into the manual.


hey jimmy and thanks for your reply.
I was angry because no one answered me after 5 days and i think its so late for a active forum like this.

Any way lets back to my problem :wink:

In Setting menu also there is no option with name “File access Control” because i still couldn’t install it !!!. (see screen shot below)

My problem is that the list of apps does not showing up in apps part and i cant install any app(as i shown it in the previous screen shot).

I Also check the connection of my server to the internet and it was ok.

so i’m afraid you need to post some logs.
or: have you searched the forum for the errors you are experiencing?
what about your setup/environment?

Yeah i searched the forum but seems no one have this problem before.
I’m suspected about three thing:
1-The internet connection of server.maybe some firewall rules or some thing like this denies connection of next cloud server to internet.
2-As you can see in the attached image an error relate to the credentials appear on top of the screen which said “Invalid private key for encryption app.Please update your private key password in your personal setting to recover access to your encrypted files.”
what is this ?
3-Some wrong setting during installing and configuring next cloud server.

would you please tell me is there any way to install an app completely offline ?

we still do know very little about your instance, your environment and your settings as well as we don’t have any logs here that could maybe help.

anyways: it seems as if your running your instance locally and access it via http instead of https - any reason why? could be that encryption would need https…
try turning off encryption.

as you claimed to be “new” to nc i’d suggest to stay away from that. if you do want to fiddle with this kind of stuff pls check out the referring homepage of that certain app to find out how to do it. usually it’s something like downloading the code to your app-directory, unzipping and using make with it.

I checked the File Access Control app homepage but i cant find any thing about how to install it offline.
here is the page:
I just download the setup file (a tar.gz file) for version 13 and unzip it but i dont know where to put it or how install it??

Regarding your first screen cap, have you try the Search Icon at top right corner?

well to be honest, this is a bit less of information. pls provide us with more info. don’t forget the logfiles.

Try clicking on App bundles, you should find the App your looking for in there.