Can't get V11 to install

I am trying to do a clean install of NC11 and am having problems.

At the end of running the installer the page times out instead of returning to the intial NC page.
If I refresh the login page opens and on log in I see an error ‘Connection to server lost’

If I look in the logs this is what I find

Can anyone help??


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It does look like the SQL config is incorrect or not completely setup correctly. I would double check that setup, also try to analyse communication between NC and SQL

@pewe, what is the output of

netstat -pant | grep 3306

Thanks Guys

As I am on a shared server I have limited access to check things.
I had a previous version of NC running perfectly on this server until a few days ago then noticed problems with pages not loading properly and my smartphone no longer syncing - so as there was a new version out I decided to replace the whole package with a new install.

From the log I assumed there might be a sql problem - but how can I determine what it might be??
What info should I ask from the host??

If mysql is running or not

It is running - I can check the database in my control panel and see that the installation created the database, populated it with the tables and inserted the user ‘Admin’.

So I don’t understand why there are error messages implying that NC can’t connect to the database.

I have just activated the calendar app and tried to create 2 calendars.
Neither of these show on the web interface, and no errors were added to the log - however, both calendars are now in the sql database.

Something weird is going on and I don’t know where I go from here to try and find out what!!!


Have moved the installation to a new hosting service where it has installed and seems to work perfectly.