Can't get to setup page after installation

I installed Nextcloud on my Raspberry Pi 3, then got a dynamic DNS and a certificate with Lets Encrypt. I typed in the URL of my Pi and got to a page where I am asked to update some Nextcloud parts. I accept and after the update is done, I’m redirected to the login page. I never got to the setup page where I could set an admin name and password so I have no idea how to login now. I also tried http://localhost/nextcloud but it redirects me to the login page too.
Does Nextcloud has a default admin password I can use or whats the way to access the setup page to create an admin account?

Maybe this could help:

But I expect the other settings aren’t okay, too. So maybe you want to use a MariaDB?

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I could get in with a username I used on NextcloudPi which I installed earlier so I think some things are messed up and the different installations are confusing. I reinstalled Raspberry OS so I will do a clean new installation now. Thanks for your support!

Maybe you should use a docker image. So u don’t mess up the system with each try.

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