Can't get signed in to The Good Cloud account

I’m trying to log into my NextCloud, but I don’t know what the server address is for The Good Cloud free service. I tried looking all over their website (even the website was not easy to find). If I try using the “create account” it tells me “user already exists”. I know, it was easy to get signed up in the first place, but I deleted it (shouldn’t have). Can anybody help me out please?

Usually if you “delete” a user account on a service, nobody can use the same username again, for at least some time. That is mainly to prevent that somebody else can impersonate you. Some providers also keep the accounts and the data for a certain time, in case a customer changes his mind or to keep publicly shared data available for a while. And then of course there are the big data mining companies such as Facebook or Google where the accounts never really get deleted, but only “anonymized”.

With “The Good Cloud” it looks like that only the first one applies, at least for the free accounts. So if you have deleted your account there, registering a new account with a different username is most likely your only option. In the end, however, only the provider itself will be able to tell you for sure…

OK, I’ll try a different username. Thanks for the reply!

I tried a different email address. That got me to the login page. Then I put in the original credentials, and it worked. Thanks :sweat_smile: :grinning: :rofl:

Yeah, sorry about the confusion. We are struggling a bit with this question… As demand grows, the url’s change so it’s not the same url for everyone.

For now we’ve decided to explain in the faq:


But sending a email through the contact form works as well… :wink:

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