Can't get Nextcloud not Notes app to connect to the server


Upon getting a new phone, I can’t get the Nextcloud (v3.9.2) nor Notes (v2.9.0) app to connect to my server (latest Nextcloud v17). Both apps work OK on the old phone (Nextcloud v3.9.2) and Notes v0.24.3). DAVx5 works OK on the new phone.

Looking a some code, the error is INSTANCE_NOT_CONFIGURED.
I disabled most of Google apps on the new phone… Could it be a problem?

Thanks for your help!

What happens if you connect to Nextcloud using the build-in web browser?
Base on the following information, I would assume that your server isn’t correctly configured:

Hi j-ed.

Thanks for the hint.

I can connect to my Nextcloud instance on the new phone using Chrome or Firefox Focus.
I discovered that I can’t connect to using the apps on the new phone (same error).