Cant get hold of anyone at Nextcloud

Im Trying to get had on anyone at nextcloud to speak to them about the push notifications on the open source IOS talk app, ive emailed twice and messaged on twitter and facebook, but nothing.

Any ideas from any one here?


It’s the holiday season, I don’t know how much people hang around there. I’d check on irc if there is any activity and ask there. They should know if someone is around for you to get in touch.

Email, Twitter and Facebook are not official support channels. What’s the issue you’re having?

I’m trying to get hold of someone about push notification on the open source iOS talk app.
I’ve done the app but told the push proxy is not public, so just want to know how I go about setting them up. Do I pay for using the nextcloud one? Can I pay for the code? Is there a way to set up my own or use there’s basically?
I’ve gone through the support channels but nothing hence after I thought I’d email etc

You basically need a Talk subscription - see here for more:

Thats who ive been emailing, filled in the form twice in two weeks. I

Sorry about that then. Could you please mail me with your full name and your request?

I can then pass it on to the proper people and make sure you get a response.