Can't get domain verification to pass, can't proceed with login

I have NC in a VM and it’s running. I have a Caddy reverse proxy to it. I can access the HTTPS login page using the FQDN, but after I login I’m forced to either create a new instance or recover one. I can’t get past this page.

I put in my domain for the new instance, but it errors. The VM docker log says “The response of the connection attempt to ‘’ was: Client sent an HTTP request to an HTTPS server.”

Well, this look like NC is not sending the HTTPS request.

If I can browse to it, why can’t NC recognize it and let me get on with it?

Hi, can you follow

I think I’ve done the reasonable. Some of it I wouldn’t know how to do in my VM. It does not make any sense that the proxy works, but NC can’t figure that out. That is a bug in my opinion.

But, let’s say it is not a bug. How do I do this in my VM?
“disable the domain validation by adding --env SKIP_DOMAIN_VALIDATION=true to the docker run command”

What if I wanted to run only in my LAN? I wouldn’t be able to do it because there is no way to get past this page!

What kind of pre-made VM did you install?

Index of /aio-vm downloaded Jan 2023

I guess you overread this then:

:slight_smile: Don’t remember. I didn’t intend to run with my RP at first, but then when I finally installed I thought I’d just go for it.

Thanks for that. So, is there a way to get around this instance page and let me get on with configuring so I can at least try in my LAN?

Best is to spin up new Ubuntu server 22.04 LTS VM and follow

Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.

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