Cant get app to connect with cloudflare tunnel (malformed server configuration)


I have been having a few issues lately with a fresh install on my Docker instance. I’m using the official image by nextcloud. I have this behind a Cloudflare tunnel (which acts as a reverse proxy) and it seems to be causing issues with the apps connection.

So I can set this up and navigate to my NC via the local IP and the cloudflare tunnel completely fine, however when I attempt to connect my android app, it says 'malformed server configuration. This only happens with the proxy address on my domain but it works with the local IP. I do wish to use it on the proxy, so I can access my files anywhere.

I have considered that the reason is that I dont have a SSL installed on the apache webserver so that maybe the case? Please let me know what you guys think, I’m still quite new to this also.

Similar problem with the iOS mobile app :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Hey friend

For N reasons I ended up abandoning Cloudflare’s Tunnel and when I tested it I didn’t have this problem but I had a more annoying one that the application could not upload to a certain folder due to size limitations and the length of the path to the folder. So I ended up leaving my server accessible on the web by releasing the direct port on the router