Can't find Rainloop configuration manual‽

The description here RainLoop - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud is too poor at the moment, sorry :frowning:

Login as what??

Don’t mix topics. Report the rainloop problem to the rainloop-developers. Report problem does work ->

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Well, i just wanted to configure Rainloop but could not find any instructions how to log in into it.

But meanwhile fortunately a helpful user of the forum here has revealed the secret:


I added an explanation on “how to install” here:

Will do the same in the description of the package.



Thank you Pierre-Alain for the How to but I’m a newbie with NextCloud and I can’t find your How To. Maybe, I can’t search on the right way but, it’s pity to waste time because the information is not clearly mentionned just after the installation. Maybe, could you improve it with a quick pop-up / message box to inform the user of the default credentials. Maybe, this notice could be right for other apps’ installation ?


Hello Bechamel,
I put the “how to” on this page but your idea to have it popping out after install would be great. If you have ideas on how to add this in a nextcloud app, it would help :slight_smile:


Would you please explain this config? - Thanks! :slight_smile:

The default login is “admin” and the default password is “12345”, as explained in the paragraph which follows this picture!