Can't find "Option to not show notifications for new media folders"


i cant’t find the Option to not show notifications for new media folders.
Sometimes this notification appears several times a day … and every supposedly “new folder” is already configured. So it would be very nice, to deactivate the notifications.

OS: Android 9
Device: Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
App-Version: 3.5.0
App-Source: F-Droid


Okay, i found the possibility for deactivation in the notification itself …
After disableing it there, the appropiate option also apears in the settings.

Okay, ich habe die Möglichkeit zur Deaktivierung in der Benachrichtigung selbst gefunden …
Nach der Deaktivierung dort erscheint die entsprechende Option auch in den Einstellungen.

Hi @tm-107,
ja ist/war etwas versteckt und läßt sich nur in der Notification selbst abschalten. Sobald du es in den Einstellungen aber wieder aktivierst wird beim nächsten Öffnen der Einstellungen diese Option auch da wieder versteckt. Ein Deaktivieren der Notifications geht hier immer nur über die Notification selbst. :wink:

@Andy umm… what? i didn’t get you… maybe because it was german? :wink:

@Andy wie bitte? ich hab dich nicht verstanden. vielleicht weil es deutsch war? :wink:

Sorry about that @JimmyKater

The option to disable the “new media folder found”-notification is done via an action in the notification itself. The option to then re-activate such notifications will be shown in the settings screen of the app, but only in case they have been disabled via the notification before. If one now enables them again in the settings screen then that seeting will vanish again from the settings screen until these kind of notifications are disabled via the notification itself again.

We decided to implement it this way since only a small number of users wanted to get rid of these notifications while most users might welcome such a notificatio feature. So we implemented in a way that this is a not to very prominent feature switch (read-not visible in the settings all the time) within the app.

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