Can't find 'group folders' app in NC 22.2.10


I am newbie. I was trying to give access to folders to my user, but I wanted to control sub-folder access permission. I found ‘group folders’ app has this feature.

But I didn’t find it in apps page. Can anyone tell how to get this app if its not available in apps section. Any other way to download and install this?

If the group folders are compatible with my NC version 22.2.10.

I appreciate your guideline. Thanks in advance.

Should be available for NC 22:

(worst case: you can copy the code from there and place it manually in the app folder).

For a year now, NC 22 doesn’t get any updates: Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub
Please consider upgrading soon.

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You will find it in the ‘Files’ category of the appstore.

Much luck!

Btw: Time to update your nextcloud :wink:

I don’t have the ‘files’ category in appstore. May be for my NC version or I missed something!!

I will update NC version soon. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks I will do it manually.

And thanks for sharing version update issue. I will do it soon.

Thanks got it solved. I have installed it manually. Now I can use the group folders.

I upgraded to v23. I will upgrade to v26 soon.

Now I am having issue with deleting files from group folders. I will open a new thread.