Can't find File Access Control settings


NC 18.0.2

File Access Control activated, I can’t find File Access Control settings anywhere.

Wherelse is it supposed to be?

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Please check-out the description in the app store which also refers to the adminstrator guide and a video etc.:

@j-ed, I read the administrator guide before, and the only thing that can be found is:

After installing the File Access Control app as described in Apps management navigate to the configuration and locate the File Access Control settings.

Right! But as you can see, I find no way to ‘locate the File Access Control settings.’

A video? I find no video about file access control settings in nor in which is mentioned there.

So back to my question: where are these File Access Control settings?

I also tested it and it do not work. There is no entry in admin-panel.
Perhaps it is necessary to install another app.

Freely translated from my German GUI. The screenshot in the mentioned documentation are leading you to the function. Go to Settings -> Maintenance -> Flow -> Available Flows -> Block access to a file (Add new flow)

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OK thanks @j-ed, for the english UI it’s in Settings > Administration > Flow > Available Flows -> Block access to a file (Add new flow)

The App Administrator Guide for NC 18 might be updated, this would save time for users.

Thanks again.

This is a community project, so your input matters. Please create a pull request in the relevant repository to get fixed.

Bonjour à tous,
Même problème sur nextcloud 18.0.2 ; j’ai cherché en vain comment faire dans la documentation officielle .
Enfin, la réponse sur le forum … :slight_smile: : Paramètres => Administration => Flux => Flux disponibles (vous devez avoir la possibilité = Bloquer l’accès à un fichier)

Merci à la communauté
nb : je trouve l’application peut pratique ;

  • c’est plutôt compliqué à mettre en oeuvre
  • quand un fichier est bloqué, rien n’est signalé au niveau du fichier même ! (quand on essaye de l’ouvrir => page blanche sans info :no_mouth:!
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Spent ages looking for this. However now that I know where it should be, when I go into flows, there is nothing displayed - blank page ?
Restarted httpd, restarted client - nothing ?

Hi, I just installed fresh instance of NextCloud. I am having the exact same problem. Can somebody please help us identify and fix the problem?

OK. I don’t know how I missed that but in fact there are 2 ‘Flow’ tabs (in 2 different sections) on ‘Settings’ page. The one that we are looking for in order to configure File Access Control settings is underneath ‘Administration’ section in settings rather than under ‘Personal’ section.