Can't find File Access Control settings


NC 18.0.2

File Access Control activated, I can’t find File Access Control settings anywhere.

Wherelse is it supposed to be?

Please check-out the description in the app store which also refers to the adminstrator guide and a video etc.:

@j-ed, I read the administrator guide before, and the only thing that can be found is:

After installing the File Access Control app as described in Apps management navigate to the configuration and locate the File Access Control settings.

Right! But as you can see, I find no way to ‘locate the File Access Control settings.’

A video? I find no video about file access control settings in nor in which is mentioned there.

So back to my question: where are these File Access Control settings?

I also tested it and it do not work. There is no entry in admin-panel.
Perhaps it is necessary to install another app.

Freely translated from my German GUI. The screenshot in the mentioned documentation are leading you to the function. Go to Settings -> Maintenance -> Flow -> Available Flows -> Block access to a file (Add new flow)

OK thanks @j-ed, for the english UI it’s in Settings > Administration > Flow > Available Flows -> Block access to a file (Add new flow)

The App Administrator Guide for NC 18 might be updated, this would save time for users.

Thanks again.

This is a community project, so your input matters. Please create a pull request in the relevant repository to get fixed.

Bonjour à tous,
Même problème sur nextcloud 18.0.2 ; j’ai cherché en vain comment faire dans la documentation officielle .
Enfin, la réponse sur le forum … :slight_smile: : Paramètres => Administration => Flux => Flux disponibles (vous devez avoir la possibilité = Bloquer l’accès à un fichier)

Merci à la communauté
nb : je trouve l’application peut pratique ;

  • c’est plutôt compliqué à mettre en oeuvre
  • quand un fichier est bloqué, rien n’est signalé au niveau du fichier même ! (quand on essaye de l’ouvrir => page blanche sans info :no_mouth:!

Spent ages looking for this. However now that I know where it should be, when I go into flows, there is nothing displayed - blank page ?
Restarted httpd, restarted client - nothing ?