Cant find File access Control in Available Flows

Hi, can someone help me after i installed the File access Control i can’t find the file access control in my nextcloud server. The Nextcloud version is 24.0.12 Please see the attached photo. Thank you everyone!

Here is the Files Access Control documentation, which could help you understand how it works.
And here is the project github repo with more documentation.
And here is a short description and video of how it works from the website.

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I notice you are on the “Personal” flow settings. You should find that the “File access control” flows can be configured from the administrator page /settings/admin/workflow


Thanks, i saw in the “Administration” side.

I cant find the File access control app . I have checked “Personal” flow settings and settings/admin/workflow but i couldnt find anything . my nextcloud version is 26.0.4
i have checked disable app also .
it would be great if someone help me