Cant find any logs of OIDC connections

We’ve encountered a problem to find any logs of OIDC connections.
Problem is we have custom OIDC configured, and for some roles it works, for others it doesn’t.
Need to find any logs of authorization to troubleshoot it.
We are using Snap installation, nextcloud version is 25.0.7, using Social Login app, version is 5.4.3

Please reach out to app developers GitHub - zorn-v/nextcloud-social-login

I have only little experience with this app but I hardly believe there is an issue with the app if login fail/success depends on the user role. It’s more likely failing roles miss something important… I would rather start troubleshooting on the IdP side…

I general I recommend to look through “Issues” section to see if you hit a known problem and look how people proceed with the troubleshooting.