Can't figure out External Storage / Error during scan: opendir(/mnt/ssd1/): Failed to open directory: Permission denied

I installed Ubuntu Server on my box and with that OS installation nextcloud came with it ( I believe via snap).

  1. I tried mounting my SSD to different locations like /mnt/ssd1 /media/ssd1 /home/ssd1.
  2. I added the external storage app on the next cloud website
  3. I ran this command sudo snap connect nextcloud:removable-media
  4. I Followed the github for configuring next cloud snap
  5. I tried a bunch of different chmods and chowns. I tried the root, I tried it with www-data:www-data.
  6. I tried chatGPT but it keeps giving me the same suggestion.

I’ve looked through a lot of threads about this issue as it seems very common and nothing has been able to help me so far. Not sure what the issue is but I am stuck.