Cant establish a video or voice call with Talk

I run Nextcloud on a RPi 4B 8GB (64bit image).
I am trying to have Talk working between 2 users of next cloud.
The video/voice call starts → the other party is unable to accept the call as there is ONLY a hangup red button.
In NCP panel it is shown:
HPB service down
I believe it is a good part of the issue (maybe) but I cant fix this.
I run Nextcloud version
Any help is welcome
thank you

Do you have a Turn / coturn server setup for using the TALK app etc ?

no I dont. Reading the docs, it should work without TURN server.
If I really need it, I will config it. But I would like to understand what blocking the system first… if possible

I thought the same, but I was told I need to install COTURN Server.

I don’t know what “HPB service down” means or how it’s related to TALK app. It could be related and hopefully someone will respond to that part.

From what others told me and explained in my question about Turn and Coturn servers etc. They indicated I needed Coturn and this indeed makes my TALK app work as expected both phone talk and video etc working perfectly.

I wish someone would respond to the subject of “HPB service down” and if that is somehow also related.

Here is our discussion when I was working on getting mine working too.

And FYI “does not work with IPv6.”

Hope this helps.

Ok, thank, I will pick this up soon again.
BTW HPB suddenly was on… so that is done.

Cool, so I assume with HPB on TALK app still not working for phone or video ?

This symptom sounds exactly like what was happening to me when I did not have a Coturn server turned on.

It’s mostly easy and I ended up doing it on a VM cause I have a server, but really I could have just put it on the same nextcloud server and it’s no different because the server is also running VM of nextcloud. That would essentially be the same thing as far as my resources goes.

Good luck keep me posted