Cant encrypt via desktop/mac but via ipad

i am using nextcloud via hosting through owncube. Most of it is working out well. However, for some reason I cannot encrypt folders via the desktop client (mac), it always gives me the following message: “please wait for the folder to sync before trying to encrypt it”. I am not really sure what the problem is. On the iPad app the encrytion is working fine and it is showing it on the desktop client as well.

and then I have a general question: Assuming my ipad is stolen and the thief deletes all of the folders from the app. Then all of the folders will be deleted on my desktop as well I guess. Is there any safe way to work around this?

Thank you!

Do you mean end-to-end encryption? Do you use the test version of the desktop client with this feature?

That is the backside of a sync solution. If these are only a couple of files, you can probably restore them from the trash bin. But to be sure you must have a recent backup of your setup.

yea, i guess it is always important to have a physical backup.

Yes, i mean E2E Encryption. On the first installation it worked but then some problems came up. I deinstalled and then reinstalled twice. I cant choose Encryption in my desktop version (mac) for some reason. However, on my iPad I can make folders encrypted and they are shown as encrypted then on the desktop client.

E2E encryption in the desktop client is still in beta version, please report issues directly to the bug tracker: