Cant enable MediaDC

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I try to enable MediaDC but it dont work and in the log I get this

Repair step ‘OCA\MediaDC\Migration\AppDataInitializationStep’ can’t be instantiated: Could not resolve OCA\Cloud_Py_API\Service\UtilsService! Class “OCA\Cloud_Py_API\Service\UtilsService” does not exist
Exception thrown: Exception

Ubuntu 22.04
NC 28
Php 8.1
MariaDb version 10.6.16

No errors in Apache or php log files
When I try to open it this text come up
Seems like database not initialized properly. Try to re-enable the app

If I press the button to open it I get this error on the screen

Internal server error
The server could not complete your request.

If it happens again, please send the technical details below to your server administrator.

More details can be found in the server log.

Technical details
External address:

This log line also seems to come from the problem

Call to a member function getUserRecentTasks() on null in file ‘/home/havouza/public_html/apps/mediadc/lib/Controller/PageController.php’ line 86

It was missing cloud_py. Works now

Sorry, what do you mean “missing cloud_py? Is that a file? Config line…?

an app that must be installed first

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