Can't edit external storage configuration after update

I was configured to mount a network folder using the SMB protocol. Everything worked and works.

But after recent updates (I don’t know exactly from which version to which) I can’t enter the external storage configuration. When I try to view the configuration, I get an internal server error.

I removed the database and created a clean install with the same files in the www directory. Then the configuration of external storages opens.

It’s all about the contents of the database. But I don’t understand what could go wrong?
Googled, didn’t help.

My error is

Exception: Class ‘OC\Files\Storage\Flysystem’ not found in file ‘/var/www/nextcloud/apps/files_external_ipfs/lib/Storage/IPFS.php’ line 14

Figured it out myself.
It was necessary to disable the IPFS filesystem application.
Why it worked before - I do not understand.