Can't duplicate documents

Hi, I have users that need to do daily and weekly reports. The documents are saved in NC and on a computer, they basically duplicate the document, rename the second document, open up the document, remove the report from yesterday and fill out today’s.

Somewhat long, but simple steps on a computer, but this is VERY complicated on an Android phone/tablet.

I’d first have to select the document, copy it to another folder, go to that folder, rename the file, move it back to the original folder, final open it up and edit.

Can anybody think of a better way to do this?


Automation will save you.

and then

to make a copy of files. After that may be you have to rescan the folder:

hi @gas85. Thanks for the reply/suggestion.

I appreciate all those steps, however, it involves 5 office workers, 20 field workers. These people can be creating/duplicating the documents at any time in any of the “jobs” folder.

this means that the cron job for scanning in the background pretty much have to run constantly…for some reason, I don’t think it’s a good idea…I know from the previous scans, it takes about 30 seconds to finish…although it might seem quick, it’s forever for these workers in the field for the document to “magically” show up…

Basically they needs kind of templates system. May be you can create ReadOnly templates folder for all users that everybody can open, fill up and save it in a different place (Group Folders App will help here). You will even save step with removing report from yesterday and will have clean Central Templates store.

It is cron job of NC and it should be executed at least each 15 Minuntes, so no worries heir, but this is except the rescan job.