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Hello NextClouders,

I have the following idea and would like to ask for the right way to do:

In a directory in the NC share I save photos from the mobile phone. Now I want to run a small (Python-) script on the NC server, which scales the image down using imagemagick. Then I can use it for mail attachments and so on.
Two questions arise:

  1. When is the upload of the image complete? Can my script get a trigger from NC for this?
  2. It is not sufficient that the new image exists in the file system. How do I get the new image automatically into the NC share (register the file in the NC-database)?

Do we have to develop a real plug-in? Or is there already a solution for the idea?

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Check this out “Pass files on to external scripts depending on a defined set of rules”:

Also you can tag file first via this app and then use workflow app from above with corresponding tag.

I did not catch this. Could you please describe use case?

Hej gas85,

thank you very much for this hint. It seems to be the right solution for my request and I will soon start to experiment!

To explain the second question:
If a new file is created in nextclout/data/user/files (by hand or by running a script) on the NC server, it is not automatically being presented in NC’s webfrontend or to any dav-client. Imho, it needs to be registered in the database. So, how can that be done?
But eventually, the workflow app will do it…

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It is not recommended way of working with NC, but you need to run “scan” command to rescan files under the path, or whole NC filesystem:

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --path="user_id/files/mount_name/path"


sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --path="/alice/files/Music"

–> Doku:

My sgesstion is to added some local folder as Nextcloud external storage and work with your scripts direct there. Afterwards ether run rescan command, or do periodical external shares rescan. I wrote small script for a cron job, to do periodically external shares rescan. Will also generate small report in your logs: