Can't download files from nextcloud servers

Can’t download the last nextcloud. Download speed very slow and drop connection every time. Apps can’t install too. I tried from many Internet providers in different countries.

Download from Github

This is a know issue. Many Nextcloud services have been slow for the past few days. Some speculate it might be due to the new Nextlcoud 20 release, but I haven’t seen any official statement yet.

Same situation last relase and also no official statematent.

But the real problem is the fact that upgrades must use the official servers from Nextcloud GmbH. But there is an issue

The discussion is more releases and one year old

Perhaps someone like to post how companies upgrades hundreds or thousands of servers.
Perhpas @kesselb knows it.

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You are not the only one. I have the same problem for 2 days with all NC installations of mine, and manual download from official website doesn’t work (or takes hours to complete) too.

Yesterday, downloads were running fine for 1 hour or so, but was down, and I made the biggest mistake - upgraded one of my NC installations. As a result, now I have kind of working installation - upgraded from 19.0.3 to 19.0.4, and I get a notification that new version 19.0.4 is available. And opening updater returns error - you already have version 19.0.4. Once I close the updater - notification of “new” version 19.0.4 is displayed again.

Do not upgrade your installations while NC servers don’t work properly!

guys guys guys…

could we please finally start searching the forum for existing threads about an issue, first? i mean there are dozens of similar threads about that. NC GmbH is well aware of the problem and is working on it. It’s just not easy or fast to solve and might take a while.

So … I am closing this thread because there are several others about that, already (one of which is mentioned above)

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