Can't disable virtual files on a large folder in Windows 11

Using Nextcloud desktop client v3.4.2 in Windows 11. When I try to disable Virtual Files on my largest folder (147GB) the Nextcloud client hangs and Windows crashes. (blue screen, reboot)

I’ve attempted to move files out of the folder but Windows throws an error “Error 0x80070299: The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation” I assume this is related to the virtual files.

There do not seem to be any errors in the Windows Event Viewer before the crash. I’ve run chkdsk on the drive and it is all fine. Trying to remove the sync point also crashes Windows.

So, is there another way to disable virtual files other than through the Nextcloud client GUI?

Thanks for any help!


Hi Vaughn,

I ran into the exact same problem today and am not yet sure how to solve it. I reinstalled the desktop client already but the problem is that the folder syncs are backed up (where?) when uninstalling the client so that everything is as before. Did you find a solution to the problem? This really renders Nextcloud on this PC worthless…

This did the job for me. Totally removing the client with all its possible residuals and then reinstallling it.