Can't disable Appstore


I installed a new instance of Nextcloud 18 and wanted to disable the appstore by adding the line

‘appstoreenabled’ => false,

into the config.php.

That doesn’t take any effect. “Apps” is still showing in the navigation.
Anything I can do better?


even for non-admin users?

can you - as an admin - still download apps from appstore?

You’re right. Can’t download apps anymore. That’s probably what it is meant for.

But I’m searching for a way to not allow admins to enable or disable apps.

User has to be admin to add or delete users. But I don’t want them to install a video viewer for example as it would be to much unnecessary for the server.

Any idea on that? :slight_smile:

there is an app which would enable users themselves to apply for an account. with no help of any admin (if you like to have it like that - you could tell nc which emailadresses (tld) to accept)…
deleting users? could be tricky.

what if you’d disable and delete video-viewer from interal apps? i bet they wouldn’t be able to reinstall it. (haven’t tried it, just guessing here)

Thanks! That would be perfect. What’s the best way to delete an app?

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you can remove some… but not all of them. and i just saw that you can’t remove/delete videoplayer. so well… i dunno. maybe there’s some workaround. at öeast i’m lost here. :frowning:

How about setting these values in config.php?

'updatechecker' => false,
'has_internet_connection' => false,

This will tell your NextCloud instance to assume it is not directly connected to the Internet.
Keep in mind configuring this has the side effect of needing update the NextCloud core manually using the .tar.gz file downloaded from