'Can't determine current working dir' error from ncp-update-nc script

I ran ncp-update-nc (v1.30) and almost before completion it gave this error:

schedulingobjects table updated successfully.
Backup stored at /media/myCloudDrive/nextcludDataDir/ncp-update-backups/nextcloud-bkp_20201016_1602849583-
Clean up…
This script can be run from the Nextcloud root directory only.
Can’t determine current working dir - the script will continue to work but be aware of the above fact.
All tables already up to date!
Done. Press any key…

What are the “consequences” of this error? I cannot find that message in the skript itself.
Why did it happen? What is the ’ Nextcloud root’ directory?

is default directory

Hard to say without log content.
I’d check output of ncp-report