Can't delete folder

Hi Friends,

I have a problem with my Netxcloud. I can’t delete only 1 folder not. Error: No permissions!

Can you help me?

Best regards,

Flavio Meyer

Hi, the folder was shared. I unshared the folder but i can’t delete de folder.

I can delete the second underfolder in this folder.

Can you help me?

This is the second picture. I can delete this folder!

Did you place this folder manually inside the data/-folder of Nextcloud (the webserver-user needs to have enough permissions)?
Can you check your logfiles (Nextcloud, webserver) as well?

Yes i did every folder manually into the /data folder because my server was down and i had a backup of my data. But every folder has the same permissions.

Can you double check this (ls -lsia /path/to/data-folder/username/files/nc-path)? This is the typical error if the file system permissions are not quite right. If there is a mismatch with the file index of your database, there should be some errors in your logfiles, you can also update the file index with occ command for this user).

The Folder is not in the path. The folder is away. How can show the error logs or update the file index?

I’v fix it with a files:scan -all and maintenance:repair

Thanks for help :slight_smile: