Can't Create Groups

Hi all,

I’ve set up a new NextCloud install on Ubuntu 20.04 and all is running fine except when I go into users and click on ‘+ Add Group’ nothing happens

I’ve tried with a different Admin account but get the same thing, and a standard user doesn’t have access to this part

I can add users fine, just nothing at all happens when I click Add Group

I want to use GroupFolders so I can share a folder between friends but without being able to create a group, I can’t do this

This is a fresh install of Ubuntu and NextCloud

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I’m having the same issue

Ok, when editing a user, click in groups and type in the name of the new group you want. It’ll appear with a “+” next to it, clicking that will crate the group

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I have the same problem but this solution work well

Have the same problem, it’s really annoying…