Cant connect to webdave running version 10

HI i have a fresh install of nextcloud installed on ubuntu server 14.0, but having issues connecting to webdav from any pc, tried windows 10, windows server 2012 r2 all fail, saying the folder you entered doesnt apear to be valid on windows

it works on ubuntu ok without issue, i have made sure the web client is running in windows as well

anyone know anything i need to change to get it wokring ?

Did you try other clients such as WinSCP? I don’t use Win10, but in lower versions they had quite some issues with webdav. There are some tricks in the documentation:

You can check your webserver access logfile if there are any entries. Perhaps windows is looking at a wrong location. If there is nothing at all, check if a firewall is blocking access.

Sorry to sound dumb, where do i check the webserver access logfile ? im running ubuntu server 140

My raspbian logs all authentication attempts to /var/log/auth.log. This should be the same for Ubuntu.

You may also check /var/log/apache/error.log if you use apache web server.

Do you use a self-signed SSL cert? Windows doesnt like self-signed SSL-Certs.

ssl is setup ok

i set it up using letsencrypt

this is working now

i was using the wrong dns name, the one i was using wasnt on the cert