Can't connect Nextcloud 13.5 to onlyoffice

Recently tried to get onlyoffice integrated into my current Nextcloud install.

Get most everything set up, but when I go to add onlyoffice to nextcloud, I get the following error:

" Error when trying to connect (Error occurred in the document service: Error while downloading the document file to be converted.)"

Here is my onlyoffice intgration config:

I also added the following to my /nextcloud/config/config.php

‘onlyoffice’ => array (‘verify_peer_off’ => TRUE, ),

I am also using a cert from LetEncrypt on both OnlyOffice and Nextcloud servers.

Any guidance on what to try next?

Did you actually configure a secret key in the OO config file?

For general functionality you don’t need to touch the advanced settings or the config.php at all. Try removing all those configs and see if it works then.

Hi @swatlord ,

you need to modify /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json file (path in debian standard installtion) the row

“rejectUnauthorized”: true


“rejectUnauthorized”: false