Can't change logo-icon upper left (theming)

Hi Guys,

I’ve updated to Nextcloud 12 yesterday. I want to use a custom theme. All is working fine but it seems that the logo-icon (upper left after login) couldn’t changed. I’ve changed the filename, delete the file, changed the css file but nothing happens. It always display the logo.svg (but not the logo-icon.svg).

I’ve also activated the example theme. Same behaviour. Nothing happens if I change the .logo-icon part in the css file.

Any ideas? Can someone reproduce that?

Many thanks.

Did you try the Theming app? You shouldn’t modify the standard files of Nextcloud.
Apart from that, did you restart your web server after manual changes on the filesystem?

Nonetheless, best would be to use the Theming app to change the logo. It places your picture file in the right folders.

Yes, I’ve tried the theming app. But I have to change some other things. I have also another background image for the login screen. That works fine.

Is there someone who knows how to change the font color on the login page. I have changed the background image. It’s white but the font color also. So the “remember login” is white on white ;-).

How can I change that?

Okay, I see. Did you read the Theming Guide?

This looks helpful.

For the logo it also reads:

The (main) pictures that can be found inside Nextcloud standard theming are the following:

  • The logo at the login-page above the credentials-box: …/nextcloud/themes/default/core/img/logo.svg
  • The logo that’s always in the left upper corner after login: …/nextcloud/themes/default/core/img/logo-wide.svg

Oh and: