Cant change Login Logo

We have installed a new Nextcloud instance and wanted to change the logo, but unfortunately it is not displayed in the login window.

We also get the following error message:
You are already using a customised theme. The “Theming” app would overwrite this

However, the colour and background are displayed, only the NC logo remains.

What can we do?

That message comes, if you already uses a theme in the themes folder.
Are you on a hosted nextcloud instance?


We have a managed server at Hetzner.

Managed server @ Hetzner means, managed by someone else but you. No root access.
Did you install the nextcloud image that Hetzner offers to install with ConsoleH?

Maybe Hetzner wants to restrict the posibility to change the logo. I realy don’t know.
What I know is, that it is possible to restrict that posibility, but as I said, managed by someone else, means you will have to ask Hetzner or maybe someone here who uses managed server @ Hetzner can help.

Much and good luck,