Can't add user in field "Available for" ( External Storages )

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all good!

I just did a fresh install of NC 20, but something is wrong and I can’t figure out why?
I just enabled External Storages (something I usually did in previous versions).

So :

everything is ok except the field “Available for” .
I can’t add a user I already create.

And nothing appears in the log file.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your answers or solutions.

Have a great day.


hi @Miky

welcome to the forum and nice that you’ve found your way…

you might have just overread it … but it’s considered polite to search the forum before posting a new question. just to keep the forum as clean as possible (a neverending struggle, i know)

so your question was answered some days ago. pls use the built-in search function of the forum (:mag:) to find the referring thread yourself and earn you your first solution-reward by posting a link to it here as an answer :slight_smile:

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Ok Thanks @JimmyKater .
I’ll do that.

Here the solution :slight_smile:


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