Can't access Server through iphone with Tailscale

So i have setup Tailscale to work with Nextcloud and i can access it no problem if i use the tailscale app directly. For some context, Nextcloud is installed on CasaOS which is on a Debian install.

If i use Tailscale to access, i have to go through CasaOS trusted domain then access Nextcloud through CasaOS. I have added both CasaOS and my Iphone trusted domain to the config.php file so it works okay through this method.

However if i try and use the app on my phone, the request times out. I am logged in to my nextcloud server but i cannot access it remotely. Locally i can it no problem just not remotely.

Tailscale VPN is enabled for both wifi and cellular. Disabling these makes no difference.

I don’t have HTTPS setup since im using Tailscale to tunnel through.

Is there something im missing to make the iphone app work so i can connect remotely to my server?


Trying to post the log file but its erroring saying new users can only post 4 links…

Sounds like questions for Casaos or tailscale if they are the issue. Both are outside of support on nextcloud. Perhaps more details in the log.

You can also post to them and link back here.