Cant access nextcloud with ios app but browser works fine?

I just started using nextcloud and for some strange reason i cant access the cloud with the ios app on ipad mini 4 or iphone X, but i can access the cloud with a browser on my windows machine and with a browser on my ipad and iphone…
(Chrome on windows and safari on ipad and iphone)

Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS (on its own machine, clean install)
Installed nextcloud with snap just to make it easy (tried several distros and was a bit tired of the fiddling with LAMP)

Have anyone else experienced this?
Is there anything i can do to fix this?

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Ok… I cant access my nextcloud server with the nextcloud app for ios, but i do get in with ownclouds ios app on my nextcloud server??
Seriously? :grin::grin:

My wife can access the server with the nextcloud app on her android phone…
Think i need a beer… :zipper_mouth_face:

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