Cant access Nextcloud snapt behind NAT

Hi Guys!

I install nextcloud 15 with snapt technology on Ubuntu 18 server in my local network but I cant access outside with IP or domain name like something

I tryed change listen ports with comand

sudo snap set nextcloud ports.http=81 ports.https=444

I try to edit config (/var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config/config.php) with snapt manual add trust domain but no result

I want access NC with 81or444 port something like this: (444)

port forwarding works fine I have services runing on 80 port

It’s not entirely clear what steps you’ve taken. Can you confirm:

  1. You have a domain name pointing to your router
  2. That router is forwarding traffic on ports 81 and 444 to the machine running the snap
  3. You either do not have a firewall on that machine, or it’s configured to let whatever ports you’re using through.
    3a. You can access Nextcloud from another computer on the same network by visiting its internal IP address

When you say “I cant access outside with IP or domain name” what exactly do you mean? Do you get trusted domain issues? Or no response whatsoever?

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