Can't access nextcloud after update to 25.0.1


I just updated nextcloud to the latest stable version 25.0.1. I updated through the web installer. Now I cant connect to my files. Not via the web neither via the file manager. I can’t reach the login page anymore. Just get an error saying the page is not working.

I am running nextcloud on my Ubuntu desktop 22.04. I tried to update php from 7.4 to 8.0 but it still not working. Seems like apache i still working though.

I am not very good at programming. I managed to install nextcloud and it has been running flawless ever since. Is there any way I can get some help to solve this? I will probably need quite accurate instructions.



hey @hekdahl and welcome to the communityforum of NC

am I (we as in “the forumcommunity”) allowed to get to know if you’re running your instance on a 32bit - machine, perhaps?

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Look into PHP logfile, webserver logfile, system logfile, nextcloud logfile.
If you can’t find something there you need to increase logging in php.ini: PHP Error Log Guide: Configuration And Use Cases

i mean: in general it would be good, if you’d provide more info about the problematic instance.

there’s a template which comes with every thread you’re starting anew on here. We do not ask that to torture our member but to being able providing better help to them…

I am also running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. After the upgade, I kept getting a “Try to Reload” page. After doing some searching I found that I needed to do an “occ upgrade”.

The error I found was in:

Got error 'PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Declaration of OCA\Talk\Share\RoomShareProvider:

Steps taken to fix:


in a terminal change to your nextcloud directory like:
cd /var/www/nextcloud

then type:
sudo -u www-data bash -c ‘php occ upgrade’

That should get you back to a login page.

Afterwards i had to install the OCCweb app in Nextcloud and run:


That fixed the problems for me.

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Running Ubuntu 20.04 with nextcloud for about 1-year now and so far so good but this latest update from v 24 to v25 crashed during the web-installer process and cannot bring it back to life. Trying to access the website results in an ‘internal error’ message in the browser. Tried deleting and restoring the previous day’s nextcloud folder and mqsql backup however that didn’t work as had been hoped. Curious if anyone knows why restoring the nextcloud folder and mqsql database from the previous days’ backup didn’t restore the website?

Strategy now will be to restore the server from backup which should work but if anyone has some ideas what might have gone wrong would be great to learn. Couple things could have done better before running a version update:

  1. verify the settings/overview has no errors. There was a minor database issue regarding occ db:convert-filecache-bigint. There is a quick fix for that which should probably have been done, although I had fixed it and for some reason reappeared.
  2. make sure the server has all the latest update/upgrade before running a nextcloud update.

Anyway appreciate having the opportunity to post my issues here.

I managed to solve the issue. It crashed during an update from the web installer and nothing worked. I managed to run the update via the terminal and it immediately started working again. I used the instructions in the following link. and scrolled down to “upgrade nextcloud from the command line”. Hope this helps!


LinuxBabe is a great resource thanks for sharing. I ended up reinstalling version 25 from scratch which worked ok but lost all my datafiles which were easy enough to re-upload the only inconvenience is some files links were shared and now those file share links have a different URL so the new URL’s need to be sent out to those who had access to the previous files.

What is strange is after attempting the upgrade through the web-installer, which failed, was unable to restore the previous day’s backup of the nextcloud folder and MySQL database. So this weekend going to ensure the nextcloud backups I’ve been running as a cron job, will actually work to restore the service just in case, in the future, another update fails. All and all a good learning experience. As long as the backups can be successfully restored, not such a big deal if the web-installer fails during a update and that is my new priority.