Can't access from domain locally

I can access my server from my domain on a different network but when I try to access my server from my domain on the same network i get “The connection has timed out” error. I’ve flushed my cache, ping and traceroute returns my public ip but telnet returns “Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out”. Any ideas?

First test would be to add a test entry to your client computer’s host file. So if your internal IP is and your domain is, add those to your hosts file and try to access it. If it works, then you have some DNS issues to take care of. At that point, if your router supports having some DNS records on it, I would add those records and you would have to tell DHCP to make your local DNS server with those records to be your primary DNS server

Try to setup hairpin NAT for your server.

I would setup a local DNS server and add the domain there

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