Cannot upload file with characters or spaces

unable to open or upload files with spaces or brackets or other characters

Some details would be awesome. Is it via your browser or the App on which Phone (iOS, Android, Linux)? Which system is Nextcloud running on? Version etc. As specific file type? Shared folder or not? etc.

Would be nice if ou could explain in more details what you tried to do.

I for example have issues downloading files via the App which have Questionmarks e.g Do you remember?.flac
The app on an android phone simply doesn’t want to sync this file.

Okay so nextcloud is ver 19.0.0 and is on php 7.2 its not certain file types it actually doesn’t upload and files with spaces in name or characters e.g lecture(1).pdf i have tried changing the database collations but still doesn’t work. and this is through the browser

you have any idea which file has the insert query for uploading files

No sorry. But what underlying OS is Nextcloud installed on? Is it maybe Windows?
Do you have access to the logs?

I do not think that it really will help but you could run sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --<username>

It will scan existing files.