Cannot update anymore


I’m running Nextcloud using the docker image linuxserver/nextcloud. I’m on version 19.0.4, when I tried to update to version 19.0.5 something went wrong (I don’t remember the exact issue). In order to repair my system I restored a backup of the /data directory and my Nextcloud instance started again without problems.

Since then, I have tried to update again to 19.0.6 and 19.0.7 but the update process does not work. When I go to the updater page all the steps are checked.

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 18.14.39

Pressing the “Continue update” button just shows the “Go back to your Nextcloud instance to continue the update”. After pressing that button nothing happens.

I tried the update process from the command line using occ but I get a similar result. It just reports that I’m up-to-date.

I guess that some files got left behind, but I have no idea how to start the update process fresh.

Any insights?

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